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2017 Officers and Support
President John Dillewyn 864-297-1462
Vice President: Roger McGlone
Secretary/Treasurer: Bob Jackson 864-288-5304
Safety Officer: Fred Endler 864-901-2972
Newsletter: Mike Reece 864-329-9435
Webmaster: Tom Holmes 864-787-0427
Mailing Address:
2607 Woodruff Rd. Suite E #106
Simpsonville, SC 29681
WESTERN CAROLINA RADIO CLUB  "Skyhawks" A private radio control club    Radio control flying is a fast-growing hobby. WCRC is dedicated to the advancement of the hobby in all areas.  We are chartered by the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics, Club #759), which provides extra insurance for both the club and the individual members.  The AMA also sanctions all types of R/C events nationwide, and provides an excellent magazine for its members.     AMA membership is required to fly at our field. Non-AMA members may be offered a flight on a “buddy box” in order to get a taste of R/C.   WCRC is located at 4059 Hwy 417, Woodruff, SC (Google Maps) or 4069 Hwy 417, Woodruff, SC (MapQuest). This is on Highway 417, 0.5 miles from its intersection with Highway 146 and 1.2 miles from its intersection with Highway 146.  Your GPS may vary slightly.   Other nearby landmarks include Willow Creek Golf Club and Chandelle Private Aviation Estates.   WCRC   has   been   chartered   at   this   field   since   1964.   We   have   two   close-cropped   60'   x   300'   runways,   a sun/rain   shelter,   porta-potty   facilities,   and     electric   power/lighting  .   A   Citgo   is   about   1   mile   to   the   west and a Dollar General is about 1 mile to the East.  We feel these facilities are equal to any field in SC.   WCRC   averages   100   members   or   more   each   year   and   membership   is   never   closed   or   limited.      We welcome   anyone   who   is   interested   in   R/C   flying.      Several   types   of   memberships   are   available, including   Adult,   Junior,   and   Family.      Membership   Applications   are   available   from   any   Officer,   and   on our   website.   We   offer   free,   fixed   wing,   flight   training   by   club-certified   Instructors.      No   one   is   allowed   to fly   unless   certified   capable   by   an   Instructor.      WCRC   members   fly   all   types   of   aircraft,   from   simple trainers   to   giant   scale  ,   jets   and   helicopters.      We   are   an   active   club,   and   several   flying   and   non-flying events   are   planned   each   year.      The   Club   holds   business   meetings   at   The   Epic   Curean     restaurant, 1455   Woodruff   Rd.      The   meetings   are   the   3rd   Monday   of   each   month   starting   at   6:30   PM   for   supper, and   7:30   PM   for   business.      The   club   Newsletter,   “The   Skyhawk   Report”,   keeps   the   members-  at  -large well informed.       Feel   free   to   stop   by   whenever   the   gate   is   open   and   a   member   is   present.   If   you   want   to   learn   more about   R/C,   WCRC,   or   want   to   get   started   in   R/C   flying,   please   talk   to   any   of   our   members.      We’ll   be glad   to   help   you   in   any   way.   WCRC   has   always   been   known   as   “the   friendly   club”,   and   we   intend   to keep this reputation. Please visit our website -         for additional information.   Below, you will find some phone numbers to help you learn more about WCRC. Feel free to call any number during reasonable hours.