1. All Pilots must be certified by one (1) Instructor before flying solo.  Only Instructors may   teach Novices. 2. Do not taxi all the way back to the pit area, stop after clearing runway ramps. 3. Do not fly over the pit area, parking lot, shed, or across Hwy. 417. 4. Do not fly under the influence of alcohol and/or any form of drugs. 5. No illegal drugs are allowed on the premises.  No alcohol is allowed on the premises.   RADIO SAFETY
  6. 72 MHz transmitters must not be turned on unless the proper frequency number on the frequency board has been covered by your AMA or WCRC card.     ADMINISTRATIVE AND COURTESY    7. Pilots must belong to the Academy of Model Aeronautics.  AMA card must be shown upon request by any club member, and/or before flying. 8. Guest pilots may use the field six (6) times during the year, or must join WCRC within one (1) month of their first visit as a pilot.  Guest pilots may fly only when a WCRC member is present. 9.   Pilots should stand in the area of the flight line pilot safety fence. 10.  No engine running before 8 AM Sunday through Saturday, except for scheduled events. 11.  Open exhaust will not be allowed on any 2 stroke engine over .10 cu.in., except a pilot may finish the day if a muffler is lost or broken. 12. Only AMA members are allowed past the wire fence and warning signs, unless accompanied by an Instructor. 13. Runway right-of-way is as follows:     1st - Dead stick landings     2nd - Normal landings     3rd - Hand launch take-offs       4th - Normal take-offs 14. Courtesy: a. Call out for low passes, take-offs, landings, emergencies, or if walking on the runway.   b. Direct your exhaust and prop blast away from spectators and other pilot’s equipment.   c. Move to the far left end of the pit area for extended engine running. d. Pick up your trash, including used rubber bands, and keep the field neat.  Report any broken field equipment to an Officer.   e. Watch your language around spectators, women, and children.   For safety, it is strongly recommended that no one fly alone at the WCRC field.